Time For New Windows? Think Composite Wood

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Time For New Windows? Think Composite Wood

29 July 2015
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Do you notice a breeze of cold air when you walked by a window? Even when it is closed? If  so, it might be time to update your windows. One of the best things about new windows is that they can make your home so much more solar and energy efficient. It is also a smart remodel because it can increase the style of the inside and outside of your home at once. This article will explain why composite wood windows are ideal for homeowners looking to make their home more efficient and up to date.

What is Composite Wood?

Many people do not even know what composite wood is. Most composite wood products are made out of wood chips that are grind up and mixed with a polymer. It is then laminated with a plastic-like material that seals the wood. This laminate often has a faux finish that is printed with wood grains. This means that it looks like real wood, but it is much more waterproof and durable.

Most people love the natural style and beauty of real wood. However, the maintenance of wooden windows is troublesome and expensive. It needs to be refinished over the years to protect it from water and termite damage. This is not a concern when you invest in composite wood windows.

Why Composite is the Way to Go

It has already been established that composite wood is stylish, but it is also very energy efficient. New composite windows will close to create a perfect, airtight seal. Composite wood has much better solar insulation than aluminum windows. It does not absorb and transfer heat as quickly. The sun will not heat up your home as quickly if you have composite windows.

If you want even more efficient windows, you can invest in storm windows. Storm windows have multiple panes of glass. The glass in storm panes is tempered so it is thicker and does not break as easily. this also helps to deflect sunlight and prevent heat transfer. Storm windows are essential if you live in a cold climate with severe weather or natural disasters. However, they are also ideal for homeowners who live in more temperate climates because they reduce your reliance on your heating and air conditioning units.

Composite woods are definitely becoming more popular because they are stylish and practical. It is a great material that you should consider if you are thinking of installing new windows. Contact your supplier (such as Beyers Window & Door Inc) for more information.