2 Tips To Make Your Storefront Windows And Doors More Secure

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2 Tips To Make Your Storefront Windows And Doors More Secure

1 December 2016
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One of the risks that you take when you open a traditional brick-and-mortar store is exposing yourself to potential break-ins. However, there are a few steps you can take to make your storefront windows and doors more secure, such as the two listed below.

Reinforce Your Door

One of the most important things that you can do when trying to make your storefront more secure is to reinforce the door. One of the reasons for this is that the front door to your business is often going to be the biggest weak point and the largest target for any potential intruder. To make matters even worse, most storefront doors aren't really going to be all that effective at keeping out an intruder, mostly due to how they were installed and manufactured.

An easy way to secure and reinforce your storefront door is to replace the strike plate on your door and the door frame itself. The main reason to replace the strike plate is that the existing strike plate on most storefront doors is not going to be secured to the door frame very well, usually because very short screws are used. Since the screws are so short, it is actually quite easy for an intruder to kick or pry the strike plate away from the door frame and force their way into the store.

In order to effectively reinforce the door, you will want to replace the screws that are securing your strike plate to the door frame with much longer and stronger screws. Due to the larger screws that are used, it will be much harder for an intruder to actually force their way in.

Replace Your Storefront Windows

Another step to take in order to secure your storefront is to replace your storefront windows in order to take advantage of the more durable and intruder-resistant glass out there. This is a very important step, as your storefront windows are probably quite large in order to allow potential customers to peruse your wares and to tempt customers into entering your store, but that large window is also a big vulnerability. Consider replacing your storefront window with a window constructed from impact-resistant glass.

Impact-resistant glass is a fantastic deterrent when it comes to intruders, mostly because the glass is actually made from two different panes of glass that are held together by a layer of film in between them. When someone tries to break impact-resistant glass, the film will actually force the glass shards to stay in place within the window frame, which then forces the intruder to have to pry out the sharp pieces of glass, tear through the film, and break through the second pane of glass. This ends up making the entire break-in process much more time-consuming, which makes it more likely that the authorities will be able to arrive before the intruder is able to actually steal very much from your store.

Contact a company like Access Door & Glass Inc today in order to discuss what you can do to make your storefront much more secure against intruders. Reinforcing your storefront door and replacing your storefront window with impact-resistant glass are two very easy ways to make your storefront windows and doors much less vulnerable to intruders.