Understanding Why Garage Door Springs Stop Operating Correctly

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Understanding Why Garage Door Springs Stop Operating Correctly

6 December 2016
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It's not uncommon to overlook the garage door unless something is noticeably wrong. However, the oversight may lead to bigger issues if not addressed in time. The garage door spring system makes it easier for you to lower and raise the door. But it's possible that the springs could stop working properly and cause you to spend more time than necessary trying to get the door to operate correctly. There is a counterbalance system for the garage door, which allows it to run smoothly to prevent the weight of the door from slamming into the ground. The information below provides some details on why your garage doors springs stop working as normal.

The Garage Door Torsion Spring System

The torsion spring system is one of the main units that enable the garage door from sliding up and down. These springs are usually affixed horizontally right above where the door opens. The cables attached to the bottom of the door use a pulley system that enables the springs to wind up tightly as the door closes. The opposite happens when the garage door is opened; the springs unwind using the force of energy from the cables to open the door. Because of the continuous motion of the door moving up and down over time, it's possible for the steel within the springs to weaken, and then the door appears too heavy to move up and down smoothly. If the one of the torsion springs breaks, you may need to have it repaired or the door replaced because the garage door will not be able to open or close. 

The Garage Door Extension Spring System

The extension spring is the other main unit located on the garage door operating mechanism. These springs are attached toward the bottom corners of the garage door. Extension springs are designed to stretch as the door closes, instead of winding. The force of energy is used so that the extended springs work to lift the door as it is opened. Frequency of use also contributes to the breakdown of these springs as well, which will cause the door to not work properly.

The Garage Door Spring Brackets

There are brackets located along the bottom of the garage door that have springs attached. These brackets can create excessive tension on the spring mechanisms attached at the bottom of the door due to overuse. The brackets should be adjusted as needed to keep the tension out of the springs.

Newer garage doors have these springs or brackets blocked off; therefore, you may have to contact a contractor to have them check them over and adjust them, if necessary. Contact a company like Premier Door Corp to learn more.