How To Install Window Inserts For Your Doors

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How To Install Window Inserts For Your Doors

30 June 2020
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Window inserts for your home can be an important part of regular upkeep and maintenance. By adding an extra pane in your windows, you can have better insulation against temperature fluctuations and external noise while reducing the cost that installing entirely new windows would bring. Regular window insert additions can be challenging for the regular household window, but storm windows for doors specifically can be even more difficult. Here is how to install window inserts for your doors.

Choosing the Correct Size Window Insert

It is important to find the correct size storm window for your door. Window inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are frequently custom-made for large household windows. If you are planning on buying a used storm window, you may need to search hard for one that fits your door.

You will also need to keep the storm window frame materials in mind. Wooden frames expand and contract with the seasons, while aluminum frames are durable yet less able to insulate. Vinyl frames are a good choice for those avoiding wood but still wanting good amounts of insulation, but they become brittle over time and need to be replaced more often. Given the fact you are searching for door window inserts specifically, you may have little choice in frame materials.

Additionally, if you are struggling to find the correct size or to find your preferred frame material, you can simply order your own custom window insert. Regardless of how you choose to acquire your window inserts, you will still need to know how to install them.


Installation of window inserts is generally far easier than installing replacement windows, as they do not require messing with the wood paneling in any fashion or damaging the paint job. The specific way that you will need to install your window insert will depend on the manufacturer, but there are some commonalities between them. The difference lies in whether the inserts are external or internal.

External window inserts are attached to the frame with a metal flap, called a flange, that screws into the original frame. These inserts are better for those who want to open and close windows at will as they frequently have moving parts. On the other hand, if your door window doesn't open, then it's smarter to choose an interior window insert. Interior window inserts are attached to the window frame with a variety of methods ranging from a flange to magnets, to clips. Some models will use expanding foam edges to secure themselves to the frame. These latter models are frequently the easiest for self-installation.


Window inserts are a great option for those searching for better insulation for their house and home, and those wanting complete insulation may choose to add storm windows to their doors. It can be challenging to find pre-made window inserts that fit irregular window shapes, but the installation is easy once the window is acquired. Contact a company like Pat's Doors Inc to get started.