With all of the variety on the market for doors, finding beautiful doors can really make your home stand out--inside and out. Click here.

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Over the years, I have fixed up just about every house we have ever lived in. Although it seemed like a fun project at the start, over the years repairing various homes has become quite a chore. However, one part of the process I always enjoy is choosing new doors for the entryway, back patio, and throughout the house. With all of the variety on the market for doors, finding beautiful doors can really make your home stand out--inside and out. On my blog, I have a collection of articles about all things door related, so that you learn what you need to in order to make your own project beautiful.


3 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Garage Door

31 March 2016
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Like most aspects of your home, your garage door needs to be adequately maintained in order to ensure that it will continuously stay in working order. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of just a few simple ways to maintain your garage door and make sure that it lives a long, healthy life. Spring Inspection It is recommended that you perform a safety check on your garage door once every other month. Read More …

Three Simple Maintenance Tasks To Use On Your New Garage Door

15 March 2016
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When you arrange for a contractor to visit your home and install a new garage door, the job can quickly elevate the curb appeal of your home and improve the ease with which you enter and exit the garage. Although your newly installed garage door should last you a long time, it's important to understand the simple maintenance steps that you can take to keep the door operating properly and looking its best in the years ahead. Read More …

2 Unique Ideas For Old Residential Doors

30 September 2015
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If you will be replacing some of your residential doors, you might be interested in thinking of a few things to do with the old ones. With the following ideas in mind, you should have no trouble creating some very unique pieces for your home. Headboard You will first need to make sure that you are sanding the door and painting or staining it to your liking. Once the door has dried, you can then move it to the head of your bed. Read More …

Time For New Windows? Think Composite Wood

29 July 2015
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Do you notice a breeze of cold air when you walked by a window? Even when it is closed? If  so, it might be time to update your windows. One of the best things about new windows is that they can make your home so much more solar and energy efficient. It is also a smart remodel because it can increase the style of the inside and outside of your home at once. Read More …